Supporting High Quality Nonpublic education in Florida
Members work with the Florida Dept. of Education on issues and laws that affect all children
FAANS members support ethics in education

Over 300,000
students attend schools that are
affiliated with
FAANS Members
  • FAANS Meetings

    The next FAANS General Meeting will take place on Wednesday, March 22, 2017 in the Dept. of Education's Turlington Building in Tallahassee. Executive Officers will meet the evening before on Tuesday, March 21st.

  • Executive Officers

    The Executive Officers of FAANS provide leadership and serve to represent the interests of its members. Officers are responsible for Meeting Minutes, Financial Reports, and communication with representatives from the DOE and FAANS Committee Chairs.

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  • Accrediting Member Associations

    FAANS Accrediting Members grant accreditation status to high-quality nonpublic schools throughout the State. Each accrediting association has its own standards and evaluative criteria and also meet the FAANS Standards for Accrediting Members.

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  • Membership Standards

    Accrediting and Non-Accrediting Membership in FAANS is available to organizations or associations of nonpublic schools in Florida that comply with the FAANS standards.

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