By state law, the Florida Department of Education does not act as an approval or accrediting agency. In Florida, accreditation of all schools and programs is entirely voluntary.

Many schools desire to seek accreditation. They believe that a thoughtful evaluation of their facilities, faculty and programs strengthens a school and presents the public with assurance that the school is fulfilling its published purpose and philosophy.

Each of the FAANS Accrediting Associations has its own Standards and Evaluation Procedures. Those may vary in details and emphasis from one Association to another, but they all involve on-site evaluation and periodic reevaluation by peers and Association Officers. FAANS recognizes an association for accreditation only after reviewing the Standards and Procedures of the Association.

Before an Association can be named an official FAANS accrediting body, the Association must have a history of several years of successful experience in accrediting its schools, have its processes and standards reviewed and approved by the Board of FAANS, have a successful onsite visit by FAANS representatives during one of its regular accreditation visits of a member school, have the sponsorship of two FAANS accrediting associations, and receive a majority vote of support from the Board of Directors.

For information about the Standards and Procedures for Accreditation of any FAANS member organization, go to the link for that particular organization.