• Budget and Finance Committee 

    Barbara Hodges, Chairperson 
    Steven L. Hicks
    Cindy Thomas
    James Herzog

    Membership and Standards Committee 
    David K. Holtzhouse Chairperson 
    Dr. Teri Logan
    Alicia A. Casanova
    Lola Brewer

    Education Information Committee 
    Mark A. Brink, Chairperson (Appointments pending)

    Legislative Committee 
    James Herzog, Chairperson 
    Dr. Howard Burke 
    Charaline Luna 
    Alicia A. Casanova 
    Barbara Hodges 

    Nominating Committee 
    Alicia A. Casanova, Chairperson 
    Dr. Charaline Luna 
    Cindy Thomas  
    Mark A. Brink 

    Meetings and Agenda Committee 
    Executive Committee