By-laws & Code of Ethics

  • Each member organization must subscribe to the Code of Ethics, and in so doing it expresses its willingness to be guided by the principles and standards contained in the Code. The Code establishes a framework upon which the FAANS member organizations work with each other in an environment of integrity and trust. Each organization subscribes to the Code of Ethics annually. Because FAANS does not, by intent or policy, oversee the operations of its individual member organizations, compliance by individual members and schools is the responsibility of each organization.

    Each FAANS member organization agrees to:

    1. Accept the statement of mission and the goals and purposes of FAANS as stated in the FAANS Charter.
    2. Participate, with regularity, in the FAANS meetings and take an active and equitable part in discussions, issues, and responsibilities.
    3. Have or establish its own standards and code of ethics to which each member school must subscribe.
    4. Assume an equitable part in supporting and meeting the needs of all nonpublic schools in the state, and willingly help to protect the rights and interests of nonpublic schools from unwarranted, unfair, and/or discriminatory regulations by local, state, or federal agencies.
    5. Oversee its member schools to insure compliance with state laws in regard to reporting, attendance, health, safety, and sanitation.
    6. Insure that each member school provides facilities, staff, structure, and programs adequate to fulfill the mission and purpose of that school.
    7. Assist member schools in maintaining institutional integrity to include advertising, finances, curricular and extracurricular programs, student recruitment and transfers, academic policies and procedures, and the treatment of parent or student complaints.
    8. Insure that its member schools do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin.
    9. Assist member schools in providing equitable access to available scholarship funds and in establishing policies that administer such funds by defensible criteria.
    10. Encourage member schools to maintain standards of good sportsmanship and fair competition and to discourage the recruitment of student athletes.
    11. Develop, if desired and as needs indicate, a set of evaluative criteria for school accreditation and seek to meet the standards established by FAANS for accrediting associations.
    12. Keep its constituency apprised of issues and concerns that May affect nonpublic schools, and solicit their voices on issues that are of concern to them.
    13. Pay dues and assessments in a timely manner.
    14. Communicate openly and honestly with the FAANS membership on issues that affect nonpublic schools, the FAANS organization, and the schools represented by its Membership.
    15. Will not use the FAANS name on school letterhead.
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