Mission & Purpose

    A major function of FAANS is monitoring local, state, and national legislation impacting nonpublic schools. In state issues, FAANS provides members of the Florida Legislature with information about nonpublic education in Florida as well as nonpublic school viewpoints on current and pending legislation that might affect the private sector.

    On many issues FAANS speaks for all of its member organizations. Due to the diversity of the associations within its membership, however, there are occasions when differing philosophies are honored and where a consensus is not attainable. At such times, any member organization may take a public stand that differs from that of other FAANS member organizations.

    While there is diversity of opinion and philosophy among the many member organizations of FAANS, in most situations FAANS speaks for the consensus of its member organizations. FAANS is governed by a Board of Directors, comprised of one representative from each member organization, and is lead by an executive committee elected from the Board membership. FAANS meets at stated times each year to conduct its business according to the policies established in its by-laws.

    All FAANS organizations must have a racially nondiscriminatory membership policy in compliance with USC 2000d, subscribe to the organization's Code of Ethics, and be approved by the Board of Directors for membership. Accrediting member organizations are approved on the basis of a careful appraisal of each organization's accreditation standards and processes, sponsorship by at least two FAANS member organizations, a site visit during one of the organization's regular accrediting visits to one of its schools, and a majority vote of support by the Board of Directors. Each accrediting association is examined every five years for continued membership as an accrediting member.